What we do

Creating unique, memorable and original experiences is what we strive to bring upon. ​
Based in Tokyo, Japan and having worked with countless domestic and international brands, we specialise in events, marketing, PR and content creation, along with local and international talents.

It is our mission to put together the perfect experience for the services and products of our clients, showcasing the brands and concepts in the best possible ways.


Social Media Marketing

Organise, create and post along with innovative and unique content in the most effective and attention-grabbing way.


Execute and implement physical and virtual events, creating the full experience from planning, promotion, execution and post production.

Public Relation

Promote products and services through partnerships with media such as blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines and TV programs.

Talent Management

We work with talents from all around the world to work alongside with the events, campaigns, projects.


From your logo to your website, graphics and more, we do our best to create the most beautiful brand experience for our clients and customers. 


 With the use of photorgaphy and videography, we create brand-focused media assets to help you reflect your brand in the best way possible.

What we have done

Starting as an event organisation in December 2014, a group of passionate international young individuals with the same goals and interests banded together.

From organising nightlife parties, PR events to daytime tours, each and every one of our team members seeks to provide the most unique concepts, original content and special experiences for our clients and audience.

From events, marketing, PR, media, creative content to talent management, we aim to exceed the expectations of our clients, with complete originality and bringing forth the most memorable experiences.


Satisfied Clients


Happy Guests

Why we are different

We work with each and every single client closely to provide the most personalised plan. We provide flexible business and marketing consultations to fit what everyone is looking for. 

We have a lot of experiences in bringing international brands to Japan and helping local brands show up in front of an international audience. We make it our mission to help bring and connect people closer together.

Some of our Projects

Check out some of our work in the past


Non-Profit Event to help raise awareness for suicide prevention and fundraise for English Hotline


In collaboration with the Finnish Embassy, An event created to raise brand awareness for VEEN


Activities-filled music festival, connecting the world through international exchanges, art and music

Our Skills

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Putting forth unique, memorable and original experiences and concepts is what FLIP K.K strives to bring upon for its audiences. Based in Tokyo, Japan and having worked with both domestic and international brands, FLIP K.K cater to both the local Japanese market and the international scene. Focusing on events, marketing, PR and content creation, along with local and international talents, it is the mission of the company to make the most fitting impression for its clients, showcasing the ideals in the best possible ways.

  • Events
  • Mareting
  • PR
  • Talent Management



Wondering where are the perfect nightlife spots for you?

FLIP Japan Guide guides you into the vibrant city of Tokyo that collects all the hottest events, bars, and club scenes into one convenient place. Plus, we give you special discounts at every spot & a community of people you can vibe with as you hit the night out in town!

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From Our Clients & CUSTOMERS

Making our clients and customers happy is the most important task!

“My experience with FLIP Guide was by far the best time I’ve ever had. They were fun, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We had a great time chatting and making new friends! Thank you!”


Event Customer

“FLIP Guide was incredibly warm and inviting! As a solo traveller in the area, it was really great to connect with people that were not only knowledgable but enjoyable to be around!”

Annie Marrie

Tour Customer

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