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Entering new markets can seem like a difficult journey, but it can also lead to huge opportunities for your brand and your business. No matter the size of your business, if you haven’t broken out of your market, you might be missing out on a big business opportunity. With the advance technology that is changing rapidly, it has provided new innovative strategies for businesses.

Marketing to the international and/or local market is one of the most effective ways of establishing a presence in new markets. It’s not only about translating, but also keeping cultural sensitivities in mind, along with the right content strategy and brand presentation. Utilising localisation within a foreign market can help you to assess market response to your business and drive traffic to your localised brand.

Cafes & Restaurants

Increase visibility for cafes and restaurants and raise brand awareness in front of new audiences



Bringing local and international audience in front o your shop, with both online and offline promotional strategies


From Airbnb, Hostels, Hotels to Ryokans, help increase awareness and bookings for your accommodation


Help get your events in front of new audiences and reach new demographics


Create brand awareness and brand engagement for your products and get in front of local and international audience


Get your services and brand in front of both existing and new local and international audience


Flip productions has helped Japanese brands and companies tap into the foreign market and help foreign companies and consumers enjoy and experience Japan.


Starting from research and consultation, we assist the brand in all areas including translations, cultural nuisances, designs, photo adn video productions, social media, web development, hiring and more. 


Expanding to a new market is able to widen the scope of your business and significantly increase your target population. Being one of the leading economies of the world, there are countless opportunities in expanding your business in Japan, as well as bringing your business in front of foreign customers.

How does it work



We will analyse what you need and make a plan to share your message and make your mark. We carefully audit and analyse your needs, research market trends, and plan marketing campaigns that help reach specific target audiences effectively in a fast-paced environment. Every project we undertake starts by consulting with you to understand the core aspects of your business and your vision



Our team of designers, writers and editors will make your content stand out in crowded markets. We work alongside creative writers, editors, designers, web and video producers, marketers and project managers that are here to help with your promotional materials, copies, creatives and post-production assets, so you get the most of your event



So many different elements go into running an event, one little mistake might lead to the failure of an event. Preparing everything and everyone in advance ensures the event runs smoothly and without any hiccups



We are flexible in catering to your needs and provide a personal experience that matches what you’re looking for. Managing every aspect of your event, we are ready to produce what you’re looking for, so you can enjoy the process without any stress

What can we do

By leveraging our trusted network, we are able to develop strategies that can both penetrate and revitalize the market in a cost-effective manner. Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, we can help you navigate the unique challenges of doing business in Japan. 

We can work alongside your current strategy with existing content, or create a strategy with original content that seamlessly aligns with your brand image. 

Our world today is undeniably digital, making it imperative that your brand is digitally integrated. We strategically develop websites, social media campaigns, interactive technologies and SEO services that cohesively expand your brand’s digital presence. We strongly believe in the importance in building your brand and community, and we can assist you in taking advantage of different offline and online approaches in developing a strategy that works, bringing you results-driven solutions.


Our team is filled with talented experts, ready to execute your projects and showcase your campaigns in the best possible way.

Graphic designers

Writers & editors

Photo & Video producers

Social Media Managers

SEO experts


Since starting our journey as an events and marketing agency in Tokyo, Japan, we’ve had the pleasure and honour to support different companies, brands and businesses, bringing unique experiences to all of our clients, customers and guests.





Why we are different

We work with each and every single client closely to provide the most personalised plan. We provide flexible business and marketing consultations to fit what everyone is looking for. 

We have a lot of experiences in bringing international brands to Japan and helping local brands show up in front of an international audience. We make it our mission to help bring and connect people closer together.

Who we’ve worked with

What we have done

Since starting our journey as an events and marketing agency in Tokyo, Japan, we have had the pleasure and honour to support different companies, brands and businesses, bringing unique experiences to all of our clients, customers and guests.

Tokyo Tower Climb

Our Skills

Putting forth unique, memorable and original experiences and concepts is what FLIP K.K strives to bring upon for its audiences. Based in Tokyo, Japan and having worked with both domestic and international brands, FLIP K.K cater to both the local Japanese market and the international scene. Focusing on events, marketing, PR and content creation, along with local and international talents, it is the mission of the company to make the most fitting impression for its clients, showcasing the ideals in the best possible ways.

  • Events Production
  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Talent Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Creation

From Our Clients & Customers

We’ve had such an incredible time working with these amazing people!

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED- really fun experience where we discovered bars that we would never have found on our own. So many recommendations for Japan & discussions about the culture here. We absolutely loved it & think everyone should book this experience.”
Amy Mary

Tour Guest

“My bar crawl was by far the best bar craw I’ve ever been on. The hosts were fun, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We had a great time chatting, drinking and making new friends. I would recommend this experience highly to anyone looking to have a good time underground venues in Tokyo.”

Tour Guest

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